I'm Glad You Made It In Mistex! Now, Let's Get You Started, Shall We?


Start up cash[edit | edit source]

To Start Off On Mistex, An Awesome Money Making Method Would Be The Thieving Stalls Right Outside The Bank For Beginner Cash, Talking To "Sigmund The Merchant" To Sell The Goods. This will help your thieving level as well as some starting cash.

The Second, and most easiest way to get a reward when logging in, is to ::vote. This will bring you to a site, in which it will ask you to enter your username; enter the instructions permitted. Once, you've done so... click on every single button link it will provide you, and continue with the captchas & click "Submit vote" or "Vote". Once you have voted on ALL sites; go in-game and type the command ::claimvotes

Now that you have some starter cash, let's get you some gear. Type in the command "::train" and it will bring you to a spot at home. There is cows with 1,000 hitpoints. You can train on these; the second option is you can begin Slayer North West of home. Also 3rd Option Is To Talk To The Wizard At Home(Guy In Blue) And Starter Dungeon But Recommend Getting Prayer Up Beforehand, First Tab In the photos printed below you can see the areas you will be.

Slayer Masters.png


Last, but not least, there is the option to use your friend as a referral. You must first sign up to the forums [2] and register, and type the username of the player whom referred, and fill out the rest of the information (matching the username to your in-game name other wise you will not be able to claim. YOU MUST USE "_" for " " spaces.). Once done, go in-game and type ::claimreferral

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